Are you ready for your free book?Memory of War

Before there was a prince with a quest to regain what his country lost, there was a king trying to prevent the loss in the first place. 

Marcus Renauld gained the crown in the middle of a battlefield as he watched his father be cut down. He wasn’t the son others in the kingdom thought should rule in a time of war, but he was the one his father had chosen. And he wasn’t going to let him down.

War was a cycle, giving way to peace before returning again. But the earth had a long memory and its scars didn’t fade with time. This time, it may be too much for it to handle.

Standing amongst the blood and horror of his crowning day, Marcus finds the one thing that gives him hope. The one thing that strengthens his will.

A girl with fire-kissed hair and more skill with a blade and bow than any of his soldiers. Only, she was the enemy. An enemy with information and secrets and eyes that told it all.

Marissa Kane wasn’t only there to change his life.

She was going to alter the fate of Dreach-Sciene.

If she wasn’t too late.

A story of an impossible love amidst chaos and ruin. This is Marissa and Marcus, twenty-years before the events of Prophecy of Darkness.