Fantasy Favorites

I can be fickle when it comes to fantasy books. Some of my all time favorites fit into the genre as do some of the most boring books I’ve ever read. I tend to love books that leave a lot to the imagination. The fantasy genre is ripe with long winded, overly descriptive passages. 

That being said, it can also be a genre of magic. I’m not talking about bippity boppity boo type of magic – although there is plenty of that. I’m talking about the kind of magic it takes to be completely immersed in another world from the comfort of your own house. Fantasy books are the best kind to disappear into. I’ll admit it, I’m an escapist. Sometimes you just need to forget everything. 

The amazing this about fantasies is that they’re about worlds that are created from scratch. Some of the best writers are in this genre. No other type of book takes the kind of planning or imagination as these. I’d lump science fiction in the same category – but I’m not quite as big a fan of those. 

So, here are my picks. All of these except for one are indies. There are a few others I absolutely love that I put in my romance post last week. So check them out there. 


Basically anything by Robin Hobb

This is my favorite series of all time. Fitz is a boy who was born on the wrong side of the sheets. When his mother dies, her family drops the young boy off on his father’s doorstep – if castles have doorsteps. He is the bastard son of a prince who is no longer around to claim him. He is taken under the wing of a man who trains him to do what needs to be done to protect the kingdom.  

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This series is one of the best I’ve read in the past year. It’s a stay-up-all-night type of deal. 

Daria is a young girl in Fresno. All she has is her father and her best friend Alex – who seems to have abandoned her. When her father disappears, she must go with Alex’s family to find him. Little does she know, it isn’t in her world they’ll be looking. She soon finds the reasons for the protective measures her dad has always taken as she learns who she truly is. 

I’ll reiterate. This one is amazeballs!

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This book has a unique kind of world that I’ve never seen before. Two worlds spin opposite each other – one hot and one cold. As they rotate, sections of their world become uninhabitable, making the people need to migrate every so often. 

The two worlds are enemies. After tragedy strikes, the tatuma (princess) of one world is kidnapped and taken on the treacherous route to the other. This tatuma is veiled and has never even seen her own face. Her mother is the only one who knows the reason for this. As secrets come out, and more people learn the reason for the veil, the tatuma will need to take action.

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