What You Didn’t Know


Surprise! Every Author is different. We don’t all write the same way or choose names the same way. Some outline and others … don’t. 

I even write my own books in different ways. Sometimes I do more planning, sometimes I just let the story come. When it comes to names, it’s much easier to use people I know in my romances. Less risk of killing my sisters or best friends. Haha. 

So, here’s what you may not have known about Dawn of Rebellion. Your peek behind the curtain as the saying goes. 

  • I’m a pantser, not a plotter. When writing Dawn of Rebellion, I had no idea I’d turn it into a series until the end.

  • There are only two characters in the series named after people I know. After bothof them died, I stopped using the names of people I love.

  • Coming up with names is difficult. Many of mine are the names of hockey players and characters on Battlestar Glactica which I was watching at the time. Lee and Sam, seen below, come to mind.

  • Without giving spoilers, I’ll say that I cried when someone died at the end. They were my favorite character. I’ve gotten angry reviews about that, but necessity won over feelings. 

  • Cliff hangers. Love them or hate them? At the time, that was the popular way to write. Now, I don’t know if I’d do it the same way.

  • Have you ever eaten Alligator? Gabby and Jeremy eat it in the camp, loving every bite. It’s actually pretty disgusting.

  • It took me two months to write the first draft and then I didn’t touch it for three. I wasn’t going to publish it, only showing it to my friend, Bri. She convinced me to move forward with editing.

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