A Bigger Story


We’ve been celebrating Dawn of Rebellion for a month now and it’s been fun, but sometimes I forget that the story is so much bigger than that. The scope changes in the final two parts of the trilogy. We go from one sister trying to save another to two sisters being thrown into the middle of a hopeless war.

But that is where we’re wrong. There is always hope. It’s a lesson these girls have to learn the hard way. Hope means different things to people. To Gabby it begins to be something she can strive for. If she can be a part of something big, do her part, maybe just maybe she can grasp it. She puts her faith in actions, battles.

For Dawn, it matters how you do something., not only what you do. Hope is an ideal that she pins on others.  She puts her faith in people.

Today is the day when everything changes.

Today is the day we becoming known.

Their differences make the story what it is. Day of Reckoning sees Dawn and Gabby explore Texas, discovering truths that put them in danger at every turn. We meet Jonathan Clarke and his band of rebels, including a few surprise characters. Dawn explores one of the only remaining rAmerican cities. Then they fight. The colonies are a powder keg, waiting for someone to light the match and there is a line of people anxious to do just that.

Day of Reckoning has been called exciting and dark. It takes everything to a whole new level.

Now you can listen to the amazing narrator as she takes on British, American, and Texas-American accents!


Dawn of Rebellion is published by Creativia Publishing. You can see it on their site HERE.

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