Valentine’s Day Picks

Valentines day is the holiday that people love to hate – especially those without someone to celebrate it with. I’ve heard it all – heck, I’ve said it all.

“It’s a made up holiday created to sell cards.” 

“It’s a holiday meant to make people feel bad about being single.” 

“Chocolate!!! That’s the only good thing about this day.”

While some of these may still ring true, it can also be a day to celebrate truly epic love stories. Maybe it’s just the writer in me that sees it that way. The perfect, all consuming love that books can make people feel. 

I am a dystopian writer, turned romance writer. That was a big change. Dystopian books are emotionally stressful and desperate stories. Romances are a whole other world. Sure some of them still make me cry uncontrollably. Some of them are tragic – but, for the most part, there’s that underlying theme of hope. It’s why I’ve fallen in love with writing them and also why my Kindle is loaded down with all sorts of romance books that I can’t wait to get my claws in. 

Today, instead of dwelling on some of the negative meanings that people place on the day, why not feel a little bit of that hope that books can infuse into your soul. 

I’ve read many many romance books, but there are some that truly hit me. I’m going to share a few that you should check out for different reasons. Some are sad. Some are fun. And others can make you believe in just about anything. 

Warning: Keep the tissues nearby. 

Here’s my short summary: This is about a girl who is running away from many things in her life. Circumstances lead her to a small town where she meets Jason. Their love story is sweet, but it becomes very powerful when a secret about Jason is revealed. 

No more. No! I will not give spoilers. I’ll only tell you that you have to read it. The second book in the series is one of the best romances I’ve ever read, but you have to read this first. Stop arguing with me. Just do it! 

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This is a fun one that I read recently. 

My summary: Miles is a young actor who kind of stumbles into fame. He’s sweet and awkward, but a director falls in love with him. His best friend, Clare, has been in love with him their whole lives, but he’s too dense to notice. He begs her to go to hollywood with him, where she has to watch him man whore it up. Things kind of snow ball from there.

It’s sweet and really funny. I was surprised how good it was. 

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This is fantasy, but I think it fits perfectly in the romance genre.

My summary: Pippa is a princess who is being forced to marry someone of her father’s choosing. She convinces him to hold a tournament for her hand. All the eligible princes and lords attend and she’d hoping someone will win who is better than the man she was intended for. Only, the one person she wants to marry is no allowed to enter.

This entire series is fantastic. I can’t say enough about how much I loved it.

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Warning: explicit content. This is for the older crowd only.

My summary: Cara is a young girl who suddenly finds herself thrust into the role of heir to the throne due to her cousins sickness. As is the custom of the land, she has twelve men who swear to protect her and, if she wants, provide for all her- ugh- needs. Before she can ascend the throne, she must travel to each of their provinces, through a land that is on the verge of war. 

This is one of my favorite books. It’s fantasy, but it doesn’t read like it. It doesn’t get bogged down in all the description and boring stuff.  

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There are so many more romance books I could recommend, but this is a good start. Books can make you fall in love over and over again. They can take you places you never imagined and let you escape. It’s really an amazing thing – to live in so many worlds. 

If you read any of these, don’t forget to leave a review as they are all from small publishers. Every review counts. Thanks for letting me share my love of books with you!

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