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Princess of the Damned by Wendy Knight

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The Story:

Landon has never seen his own reflection. He saw hers instead. He grew up watching this girl in the mirror grow with him. Grew up memorizing every feature, every movement, every horror she endured. He can see into her palace, into the darkness she’s trapped in.
When he was little, he told his parents about her. They thought she was an imaginary friend, and they humored him.
But she didn’t go away.
And when Landon was seventeen, he fell in love with her.
She is a captive of the Queen of the Damned.
Now he’ll risk everything to try to save her—his life, his home, his entire world.
Bloody Mary
The queen in the mirror.
Bloody Mary
Waiting to steal your soul.
Bloody Mary…

The Review:

Wow, this was a great one. An incredibly original story-line with fierce characters. Eiress and Landon live in two completely different worlds. The story continually switches between the two and the contrast is basically between light and dark. It’s fascinating. Landon is in our world. He has normal parents, a normal girlfriend, a normal life. Eiress is in a castle of nightmares, chained and forced to go to balls with the souls from hell. She’s lived there for fourteen years and her strength is astounding.

The story is well-crafted and I love that it’s based on an old scary tale that every child knows. Saying Bloody Mary three times into the mirror will bring her forth. It’s a myth that has been made real in this book. Frightening and intriguing. This isn’t a book to miss.


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