Meet the Duke’s Daughter

Prophecy of Darkness, book one of the Legends of the Tri-Gard series, releases as part of the Fire and Fantasy box set, available for just 0.99 for a limited time. Find out how to purchase it at the bottom of the post. 

AlixaUgh, I hate all this pomp. I hate that you even care who I am. I am not who matters. That damn prince is not who matters. Look to our people. See our dying fields. Listen to the silence coming from the earth instead of the constant power our parents tell us of.

Yes, yes, I’m Alixa. My father is Lord Eisner, Duke of Isenore, and I despise the prince. He has no clue what’s happening in his very own realm. Trystan Renauld is a fool. Don’t worry, I’m not speaking behind his back. This isn’t treason. I’ve said it to his face. A blasted fool.

And now he’s the realm’s only hope. We’re all doomed.

When I joined up with him, it was only because I had nowhere else to go. I stayed because for the first time in my life, I am important. I will prove everyone wrong. I will overcome the circumstances of my family, my kingdom.

I will prove it to them that I’m no traitor. I’m different than the ones who bow at the dark king’s feet.

And if I can take some of the shine off our little princeling in the process, that’s just a bonus.

I’ve been trained by one of the greatest swordsmen in Isenore – in secret, of course. I have enough rage inside of me to keep me going. If I get to be the one to slice open the traitorous bellies of a few in my family, I’ll revel in it.

I am no princess. I’m a warrior.

And warriors never give up.

Prophecy of Darkness

Only magic can save them from what is coming, but first, it must be reclaimed.

Twenty years ago, war devastated Dreach. Bloody and cruel, it ravaged the realm and stripped magic from Dreach-Sciene.

Without magic, there is no hope. No life. For Prince Trystan Renauld, there is no choice. As his people starve, his enemy prepares for a final showdown that will decide the fate of the realm. Without magical power, he and his people will lose everything. Even with it, they may fail.

Against a backdrop of prophecy, curses, and forbidden love, Trystan must reunite the legendary Tri-Gard, keepers of the magic, and find the power he’s always believed was a fairy tale: magic, the very foundation of life. With both sides preparing for battle, it’s a race against time—and against the kind of darkness that can destroy them all.

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