Dawn of Rebellion

Dawn of Rebellion

“One of the strongest dystopians out there with its original setting, shifting POVs, thrilling story, and believable characters who make believable decisions given the pressure they are under.”

-Author John Hennessy

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My name is Dawn Nolan, and I’ve grown up on the streets of military-controlled London.

The one person in my life I could always count on has been taken from me. Gabby is combative, pushy, a real pain — but she’s the reason I’ve survived this long.
She’s my sister. And now she’s gone.

Criminals are sent to the colonies to work as slaves for the rest of their lives. There is no escape. I only know that it’s a savage place, not a place for a teenage girl from the wrong side of London.

I might die trying. I’ll probably never see London again. But they’ve taken my sister, and I’m going to get her back.