Prophecy of Darkness

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Prophecy of Darkness

Book one in the Legends of the Tri-Gard series.

Prophecy of Darkness releases on worldwide Kindle February 1st. The paperback is available on Amazon.


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The kingdom of Dreach-Sciene is dying.

Famine, uncontrollable weather, and war have devastated Prince Trystan’s people. It’s only a matter of time before their enemies destroy them.

Only magic can save the kingdom. But there has been no magic in Dreach-Sciene for twenty years and Trystan fears it is only a fairy-tale. Without magic, there is no hope.

If the prince wishes to harness the ancient power, he must first reunite the Tri-Gard, the legendary keepers of magic. His journey to find these magical beings will either lift him up or bring him to his knees as he sacrifices everything to save his people.
With his enemies drawing ever closer, it’s a race against time … and against dark forces that could destroy them all.

If you yearn for noble princes, forbidden romances, and heart-pumping quests, pick up your sword and reclaim your magic for the battle to come.


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