Legends of the Tri-Gard

This page is dedicated to the fantasy series that is in the works. Book 1, Prophecy of Darkness, releases as part of the Fire and Fantasy box set in September!

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Only magic can save them from what is coming, but first, it must be reclaimed.

Twenty years ago, war devastated Dreach. Bloody and cruel, it ravaged the realm and stripped magic from Dreach-Sciene.

Without magic, there is no hope. No life. For Prince Trystan Renauld, there is no choice. As his people starve, his enemy prepares for a final showdown that will decide the fate of the realm. Without magical power, he and his people will lose everything. Even with it, they may fail.

Against a backdrop of prophecy, curses, and forbidden love, Trystan must reunite the legendary Tri-Gard, keepers of the magic, and find the power he’s always believed was a fairy tale: magic, the very foundation of life. With both sides preparing for battle, it’s a race against time—and against the kind of darkness that can destroy them all.


The World and Characters of Legends of the Tri-Gard:

Meet the Prince.

Meet Davion, Orphan Ward of the King. 

Crafting a World, part 1.

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Available as part of the Fire and Fantasy box set – on sale now! Click HERE.

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